The New Yorker’s Vulgarity

The New Yorker has taken flak for a silly piece comparing pet dogs and Jewish boyfriends Vulgar? Yes! Tasteless? You bet! Those of us who see a great deal of tasteless vulgarity in The New Yorker are gratified to see the snobs’s mask slip. But it was to be expected. The magazine has long confused fashion with sophistication. Since Europe, and maybe a South African or two, has recently brought anti-semitism back into fashion, it was inevitable that the independent minds at The New Yorkerwould follow. The editors might now defend themselves as teens frequently do, by telling the adults that everybody is doing it.

As for the wounded Jewish community, I offer four words, “The Book of Mormon.” You, with others, flocked to the show and laughed at the ridicule it heaped on the beliefs and style of others. Did you think it would stop with them? Did you think you would miss your turn? Perhaps, when penning your next outraged letter, you might glance in the mirror.

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