Disgracing the Stars and Bars in Georgia

I have written here to defend the flying of the Stars and Bars, explaining how it stands for much that is noble and not just for racism.  Now I read of how some folks in Georgia have disgraced it.  Sad.

The men in pickup trucks who came, hostile, armed, insulting, and flying that flag to a child’s birthday party about a week ago, have nothing in common with the brave and noble men who fought under it or their devotion, and certainly not their courage.  Whatever opinions on race prevailed in the 1860s, those men who fought in gray were decent individuals with a code of behavior that forbid them threatening unarmed people, much less children.  A drive-by threat and insult would have been far beneath them.  Those in Georgia recently who attached the Stars and Bars to their trucks and engaged in such despicable behavior have claimed an association much above their own character.  They have appropriated what they have no right to claim.  In so doing, they have disgraced that flag, the men who fought under it, and the best of what it represents.  Their only recourse is to humbly apologize to the people in from of who they have disgraced themselves.

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